Condom Conversations

Condom conversations can be tricky, especially if the guy you are with isn’t keen on using them. We asked some guys for their tips.


“The best way is to be open and honest from day one. I am clear online that I only use condoms and so I mainly get contacted by guys who want the same thing. If someone says he doesn’t want to use condoms, then I talk about other things that I’m happy to do without them, like sucking.”


“Sometimes you have to just say goodbye. I am always polite, and say it’s not going to work for me without condoms. There is no need to be rude, different people want different things and I respect that. I hope others respect my choices too. There are lot of guys out there so you will find one who likes the same things.”


“I stick to what I want. Other guys say what they want so I can say what I want too. And that’s sex with condoms. Sometimes that means no sex. And sometimes they say they will use condoms. I also find some men will bottom if I use a condom, but don’t want to be a top with a condom, or the other way around – so there is often room for negotiation to find sex that you both like and that is also safe.”