First time fantasies

We asked you about the most unusual sex you have ever had… Was it the first time? Was it part of a fantasy you had? Was the sex as safe as you wanted? Here are some responses we received.


I once had sex with a taxi driver. The sex was not really that unusual I suppose but the situation definitely was! He had obviously done it before, as there were condoms, lube and a towel in his cab!


I went to this sex club in Berlin where they blindfold you. If you are a bottom, they bring top guys in. It was a fantasy for me to have sex with a group of guys like that. Part of it was really good but I did regret some of it too, when I thought about it later. Anything could have happened I suppose. I was on PrEP but there is still other stuff you can get… and thinking about what could have happened from a personal safety perspective too.


I really like sex outside. I do not know why but it is a big fantasy for me to be watched. I have only done it maybe three or four times. The first time I was a bit drunk but it was safe. I think sometimes when you are drunk you have less inhibitions. I think it can still be safe having sex outdoors but it just takes a bit of preparation to take things with you.


I went out with a guy for a while who always wanted to dress me up in sports kit and then tie me up. I did not think I would be into it at first, but it was actually a real turn on. You feel very submissive. I felt safe but I guess that was because I had known him for a while. I would not do it with someone who I had just met, because it could make you quite vulnerable.

Acting out fantasies can be safe as it does not always involve fucking and can stimulate mentally rather than physically.

Whatever your fantasy is, uninhibited sex might seem more appealing than being cautious, but you could be putting your health at risk if you try something new before knowing how safe it is. You can find advice on the risks associated with different types of sex on GMFA’s website: