Condoms and kink – can you have both?

Exploring your fantasies does not mean you have to take additional risks. Many fantasies do not involve fucking and you can still stay safe while having an adventurous sex life.

Whether by using sex-toys, dressing in leather, role play or wearing football socks, trying out your fantasies can add a new dimension to your sex life.

As many fantasies are based in your head-space, you can often explore them without penetration. It can be the feel, look and touch of leather, for example, or dressing up in rugby gear to explore a fantasy. If it leads to anal sex, you can use condoms.

Some activities might also need extra consideration. If you are being tied up or being blindfolded, for example, you need to trust the person you are with to ensure the sex is safe. If you are using leather harnesses with metal studs or buckles, ensure they cannot rub and damage the condoms. If you are using toys with different partners they need to be washed thoroughly or different condoms can be used on them with each new partner.

If your fantasy is around a sexual activity you have never tried, like fisting or watersports, you should find out how risky it is for your sexual health before you try it. More information of different types of sex can be found here:

For some people, just talking about fantasies can be enough. Exploring fantasies and kinks by chatting online can be a good way to figure out what turns you on without going too far too fast. Some guys will not be in to the same things as you, That is fine, there will be plenty of people on line who are.