Foreplay and Condoms

Condoms don’t always seem like the sexiest part of your bedroom antics but with a little expertise, you can seamlessly introduce them into your foreplay.

 Talk about them

Before you get to the bedroom, talk about condoms. Ask if he has any or tell him you’ll bring some. That way when you’re in the throes of passion you don’t have to interrupt and ask.

Keep them handy

Even a bedside draw can be difficult to navigate with your pants around your ankles and a cock in your mouth. Get the condoms and lube out and leave them nearby before you start playing.

Make it fun

 Putting condoms on yourself can be a distraction. If the guy getting fucked puts the condom on their partner whilst kissing, licking or stroking, it can make the whole thing a lot more sensual.

Get the right fit

This is so important. Not only does the right size reduce the chance of them breaking, it also keeps it comfortable and makes it easier to put on. They even make made to measure condoms if you’re an unusual size:

Get verbal

That awkward silence as you can’t open the packet… Avoid it by getting verbal. Tell him what you want him to do, or what you want to do to him.


Seriously. Get some freebies, open them (not with your teeth or they could break) and roll them down your cock. It’s like muscles memory – you’ll soon be able to do it much more quickly and easily and it saves all the fumbling.

Suck while you open it

69 is a great position for putting condoms on a guy. He sucks your cock while you’re sucking his and then one of you puts the condom on the other.  D

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